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Fabric Quality System

To ensure the high quality piece goods. Our QC person will have a full 100% inspection of the fabric. Beside that, we will submit a inspection report prior to the every shipment based upon the American Four-Point System. In this system, we inspect at least 10 percent of the total rolls in the shipment. Make sure to select at least one roll or each color way. The defect classification works as follows.

size of each defect

penalty points

3' or less


over 3' but not over 6'


over 6' but not over 9'


over 9'


The length of the defect is used to determine the penalty point. Only major defects are considered. (A major defect is any defect found in the finished garment that would classify the garment as a second.) No penalty points are recorded or assigned for minor defects.

  • • Major woven fabric defects are slubs, hole, missing yarn, conspicuous yarn variation, end out, soiled yarn, wrong yarn.
  • • Major knitted fabric defects are mixed yarn, yarn variation runner, needle line, barre, slub, hole press off.
  • • Major dye or printing defects are out of register, dye spots, machine stop, color out, color smear, or shading.
  • The acceptable score varies. Many companies use 40 points per 100 yards as acceptable defect rate. However, others may find this not acceptable...(which you should tell us)

    Here is some math to show you an example.

  • Total Yardage received: 6750 square yards (5400 in width of 1.25yds)
  • Acceptance Point-count: 35 per 100 square yards
  • Total Yards Inspected : 675 square yards (540 in width of 1.25yds)
  • Total penalty points found in the sample inspection: 150 points
  • 150 divided by 675 times 100 = 22.22 points per 100 square yards (because the allowance is 35 points per 100 square yards, this shipment would be acceptable).

    If major defects are not cut out of the fabric by the Inspector, mark them on the selvage (for example with colored threads). Should you later want to review the defects with the piece goods representative, the defects can be easily located on the inspection machine. In addition, the defects can be easily noted by the Spreader so that they can be cut out.




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